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NewAir WAT20W Spring Water Dispenser
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NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser makes it Simple to enjoy icy-cold along with piping-hot water in your home or office. Made by a name you can expect, it lets you unwind with a cool beverage on a hot afternoon and warms one up having a hot cup of tea or coffee when the weather turns cold. Temperatures are controlled with a high quality compressor. The cold water is chilled to 39 Amount and warmed to 185 Amount.100% BPA-Free Construction Ensures Good Health The NewAir WAT20W is currently 100% BPA-free. BPA is a synthetic substance used to strengthen plastic containers. When it is used to store water, it often escapes into the water also causes a broad selection of health problems when you drink it. All the plastic used in the WAT20W is totally BPA-free, therefore it provides only pure, sterile, great-tasting water along with some peace of mind as well. We're dedicated to the highest levels and quality and security. Bottle Spike Prevents Spills & makes it effortless to Load The WAT20W includes an integrated jar spike which allows you to load water bottles without risking spills or splashes. When you lower down the bottle into the surface of the cooler, the spike punctures a hole in the cap, allowing the water flow down into the reservoir. Air will bubble up to the jar. When the bubbles stop, the reservoir is complete and the cooler is ready to disperse water. Comes with a Child Safety Lock over the Hot Water Faucet Because the WAT20W dispenses hot water in this extremely significant temperature, it is equipped with a security lock to the warm water faucet. The lock protects your children. It keeps them from tripping the hot water unintentionally and scalding themselves. It ensures that your household has a secure and trustworthy experience, part of the guarantee of each NewAir product.

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