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Magnesium Starter Paracord Lanyard Dimples
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Giant Fire Starter
The flame rod is in size extra-large, up to 20,000 strikes and can be used in any weather conditions. The crisis whistle can best be used for search rescue purposes, a apparatus to keep wild animals away. The product is kept by the lanyard together. The Dimples Excel fire starter is mobile and fits on your back pack handily. It is accompanied by an emergency whistle along with a 108 inches paracord lanyard to assist you remain safe. The fire starter is the ideal choice for people who love camping flying, and moving on hiking expeditions.

Features and Advantages:

Greatest voted travel survival flame starter kit
+Size buttery, ferrocerium rod diameter: 12.7mm; Length:126.5mm
+ Water resistant, wind proof convenient to use at any weather conditions that are harsh, cold and hot
+ Eco friendly
+ Start a fire instantly in any emergency Conditions
+ powerful, over 20,000 strikes, dependable yet functional
+ Lanyard Produced by 108inches paracord for emergencies
+ Produces a 3000-degree Celsius (5,500-degree Fahrenheit) ignite
+ Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues
+ Bright spark may be Utilized as emergency signal
Emergency whistle, suited for search and save

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#5 in magnesium fire starter mini

#5 in steel ruler function

#6 in firesteel fire starter

#7 in paracord opener

#9 in stroke counter lanyard

#9 in ferro rods with handles

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