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Grab Life Outdoors Premium XL Ferro Rod
One essential piece of gear which each and every enthusiast should have is an excellent combustion device. This combustion apparatus ought to have the ability to offer the essential ways to make fire in the weather circumstances, if you need it most. This device shouldn't be affected by temperature, elevation or whatever else mother nature has in store. The fire newcomer to rely on if your survival is online is an excellent ferro pole by GLO. An excellent ferro rod will never let you down and should be a critical part of each emergency kit.

InGrab Life Outdoorswe maker the maximum quality ferro rods available. In a hefty 1/2" compact top our quality rods are good for more than 23,000 strikes and will create heaps of 5,500ยบ F ferrocerium that will ignite excellent tinder in all weather conditions.

Premium Hardwood Manage
Our premium hardwood grips are hand fit and epoxied in place to get a company grip letting you draw the pole back since you hit for a massive shower of sparks and greater control. The handle might be used as emergency tinder in a survival scenario.

Multi Function Striker Included
Our function multi tool striker gets the task done and doubles as ruler, bottle opener, hex socket, a tinder scraper and map scale. We pair that with approx 36" of mil spec 550 paracord setup to your neck lanyard for convenient carry.

Perfect For
Should you spend anytime outside an excellent ferro rod is essential have. Fantastic for bushcraft, firecraft, biking, trekking, camping, hunting, fishing, boy scouts, EDC or daily transport, emergency usage, bug out bags or BOB's, survival kits, campfires, gas camp stoves, and buy home bag's, vehicle luggage, campers, RV's and anywhere else.

The dark coat to the exterior of the rod is a protective coating and must be scraped away prior to first use

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