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Firestarter Ferrocerium Mischmetal Magnesium Bushcraft
Category: Sports
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4DB EXTREME Weather Firestarter Ferrocerium Magnesium Fatwood Tinder

• An bushcraft and survival firestarting tool which excels in harsh outdoor conditions.

• Sexy flashes Magnesium's blend, globs of the waterproof pine resin fatwood handle and hot sparks in the ferrocerium rod permits for easy firestarting capabilities in almost any weather conditions mother nature could throw at you.

• simple to use by scratching a little using sharp edge or a knife, insert you will have a fire and a hot spark in the ferrocerium rod provided.

• Clip to any tote together with the 4DB camouflage carabiner along with 550 paracord lanyard.

Every Extreme Weather Firestarter has it's own unique look and can be hand carved. They are approximately 6-6.5" in total length. This does not include lanyard and carabiner.

• Magnesium burns at an extreme temperatures of 5,610 degrees fahrenheit and the ferrocerium throws sparks which reach 5,430 fahrenheit. These will be the ultimate firestarter. Carry fire beside you constantly as well as the security of 4DB quality firestarters.

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#3 in wood handled fire rod

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#11 in fire starter fatwood

#12 in ferro rod with handle

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