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Earth Therapy Magnetic Bracelet Arthritis
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Pure Copper Magnetic Treatment Ring & Bracelet Gift Set for Arthritis and Joint Pain Management

This gift collection is excellent for any person experiencing arthritic pain in a number of areas. Engineered with copper and rare earth magnets, it combines strong, natural recovery and practicality effortlessly. Created in mind, this bracelet and ring set  will look gorgeous combined with announcement bits all other accessories, or as standout.

Why Magnets and Copper Treatment?

Powerful magnets worn near the joints have been known to boost blood flow to such joints, delivering curative vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Vitamin C. For individuals experiencing inflammatory joint aches, and this is the perfect answer.   Possessing a proven record of success, magnets are used for thousands of years in holistic healing, dating back to ancient Chinese medicine.

In addition, copper facilitates the growth and recovery of body, such as bones and muscular tissue. It serves as a catalyst for proper Iron absorption health of connective tissues, and the overall health of skin, the hair, and eyes.

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