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When you Participate in Outdoor and Camping Actions,rember to takeCuccu Traditional Magnesium Fire Starter with Wood Handle and Steel Striker/Ruler/Bottle OpenerThe one of the Greatest survical equipment

Method of use:

If this is your first time to utilize the fire starter, recommend the usage of decorative tissue.

Find a safe place and take out a piece of facial tissue,then ripped it up or twist the paper into a ball,which unifies on another bit of decorative tissue.If the end is strong,put some branches or smallish stones to weight it down,avoid being blown off by wind.

Scrape on the face shavings with the side of the scraper,shave a small amount of magnesium out of the pole on your tissue.

Next, hold the rod at an angle over the heap and forcefully slip your striker across the length of the pole until sparks soil directly on the magnesium shavings and ignite the fire.Try many times,you'll make it.

If that isn't your first time to utilize the flame starter,you can use these tinder like any newspaper, dry leaves and stalksand bark, etc..

Would you like adventure?

Take this one fire newcomer,For  it's   small and portable,it is quite convenient to carry and keep.It will bring you heat and light.Make you more courageous and more confidence to go about hard everything.

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#1 in ferro rod set

#2 in flint and steel traditional

#3 in flint and steel fire starting

#3 in wood handle fire steel

#4 in flint and steel wood

#5 in fire starters wood

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