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Aweoods Double Inverted Umbrella Reversible
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Perhaps you have encountered such a problem in rainy days?
When you jump on a crowded train after having a downpour your dripping wet
umbrella usually brushes up from the luggage, your clothes or -even worse- a stranger.
However, by inverting the layout, the moist side of the umbrella faces inward once closed, exposing
solely the arid side. And that is not all: the more creative layout makes it easier to open if coming
out of a car or other covered place, and when not in use the umbrella can stands up on its own!

Dual coating Inverted umbrella
Unique layout dual coating inseide out umbrella, make it easyfor you on raining day, will not
wet your vehicle, files or others.Advanced double coating ribs made the inverted umbrella much more sturdy.
23 in Windows 8 Panels is big enough for Many folks .

Easy to Run and Safe to Use
With a simple click of this embedded button, then you are able to open and close the umbrella in confined
spaces when entering or leaving a building or automobile and it is less embarrassing and more safer to start out and
shut when in crowds, because the threat to trickle in people's eyes was removed by the plan.

Convenient to put and drip free
It can stand up on its own, ideal for when you've nowhere to prop up your umbrella against.
It is also going to keep the wet region of the umbrella indoors as soon as you've shut it, so things do not get
dripped on when you put it off after coming indoors.

Durably windproof
The straight umbrella easily slices through all types. Due to its aerodynamic design,
the umbrella always locates the most comfortable position in the end which makes it incredibly
nice to use, even in strong gales. It can be rectified in the push of a button, in case the canopy flips.

Package Length:
1 x Inverted umbrella

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