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Advanced Squat Pad Shoulder Protective
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The World's Most Advanced Squat Pad by Iron Bull Power
Everybody knows squatting is the king of all exercises. But squatting in pain can become rather hard physically and emotionally to carry out. Iron Bull Power's new Advanced Squat Pad lets you comfortably execute your lunges, squats and hip thrusts pain free!

Lift Heavier Weight Without Discomfort Now!
Our 16" long x 3.5" wide pub pad is easily the most comfy squat pad available on the industry. With all our ergonomic layout, the carved place matches your neck's profile with a 1.25" thick foam pad positioning the weight in line with your own body and spreading the weight across your shoulders. No further pain and discomfort because of the weight sitting on your spine!

Require your Hip Thrusts to the Next Level!
You understand trendy thrusting is the ideal exercise to build strong and round glutes but you don't do them because they hurt too much. Well we solved your problem thanks to this incredible hip pad. You can now concentrate on the squeeze and burn off your glutes completely pain free!

The Main Point
If you're looking for the best squat pad available on the market, look no more. The ergonomic design enables you to execute your exercises hassle free thus letting you focus on your shape and boost performance. Moreover, the Advanced Squat Pad is made of shock-absorbing high-density foam rubber reducing shocks in your spine. Our anti-slip matte finish implies the weight positions and remains on your shoulders while you squat. The quick-slip design makes installation fast and easy within a matter of minutes only! Just clip on the pub and begin building muscle!

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